If you are a newbie to use binoculars then you can buy a cheap binocular as an initial try. Though there are various brands available you can pick Celestron’s Cometron 7×50 model. The 7 x magnification represents the objects appear seven times bigger than your eye sight. The magnification 50 mm objective diameters of the larger lenses are available. It is the perfect option for the young binocular users. It is not water-proof binocular but water-resistant.

You must ensure whether you choose the right model based on your requirement. There are several brands manufacture different models of binocular. It is hard for anyone to choose the perfect one. If you want to get any idea about the recent binocular models or review of any particular model then you can check on the internet by typing the binocular brand and model or binocular reviews in the search box of Google.

The search result list down the feedback shared by the past customers and you can know more details about the particular model including its merits and demerits. It helps in your buying decision whether you can proceed with buying the particular model in your mind or look for an alternative.

The larger viewing part permits you to view more part of the object. The objective lens size is 50mm which has extraordinary light-gathering ability and it is the perfect choice for astronomical use. The multicoated optics impressively enhances the light transmission for brighter objects with improved contrast and resolution. The best feature is it minimizes the shakiness.

The big exit pupil offers maximum light during the night including the low-light viewing sessions. The binocular exterior is made up of rubberized aluminum. It is lightweight, durable and it supports tripod adaptable for additional support for long stargazing sessions. It comes with a wide neck strap and a carrying holder for security.

The prism of this model is Porro design which is the best choice for astronomy. But the downside is it has cheap BK7 glass. The other drawbacks include sometimes the double vision may happen if the binocular is not aligned correctly. You can easily differentiate the high quality exit prism glass to the cheap BK7 glass. It is a black color binocular with the weight of 2 lbs. The lightweight enables the kids to use it without much difficulty during the entire night.

It is used by deer hunter often or also the people who require a wide view and plenty of low visibility. It provides you the enough magnification at the reasonable price range. Apart for hunting purposes, it is also perfect for stargazing.

The most important best features of the binocular model which impresses the users are clear and crisp images. It is suitable for wide field of view and impressive. If you wear glasses then the small 13mm eye relief may fix your ability to see the entire visual object. To get the closer object, you should roll down the upper eyecups.

You and your family members can utilize this binocular model for sports, nature watching at daytime. You don’t want to go very close to your target object.