Summer season is often awaited by people all over the world after a long winter season. However, the current climate changes are causing summer seasons to heat up quickly resulting in unbearable heat for people as well as the canines. Pet dog owners need to know how to take care of their pets during the scorching months of summer to avoid sunstroke or heat stroke. Many owners seem to be unaware of how the heat affects their canines resulting in unnecessary deaths due to heat stroke every year. Purchasing the best cooling fan is one of the best ways of helping your pet canines to beat the heat. There are several fans online; you can Check It Out and invest in a high quality one.

Dogs are susceptible to heat stroke and need proper care during the summer season. Accordion to recent surveys done of veterinarian clinics across the country, it has been discovered that over 48% of dogs come in to be treated for heat stroke during the summer season. This is enough proof oh how pet dogs are finding it difficult to cope with the hot months of summer every year. A very important skill that every pet owner needs to master for the summer season is how to keep their pets cool during the summer heat. Since dogs are prone to heat stress, they need extra care during the hot months of summer. Human beings tend to seek out cooler areas and other tricks during summer. However, dogs cannot do the same.

Many dogs also have a thick fur coat which it makes it almost impossible to cool down during an especially hot summer season. Dogs often cool down their bodies by panting. The tongue will swell up and get filled with warm air causing air to move over the tongue. As the dog pants faster, the warm moisture will start evaporating for the tongue and causing it to exhale into the environment as the blood that has been cooled returns to the body from the tongue. Since human beings have sweat glands, they are able to cool down their body by excessive sweating. Dogs do not sweat glands on their body, disabling them from cooling down via sweating.

Many pet owners make the mistake of leaving their pets inside the car as they go off to run an errand. As the car heats up, the air inside also gets heated up quickly due to the glass. This can turn into a dangerous situation, causing your dog to become a victim of heatstroke. Experts suggest switching on the air conditioning in the car, even while you are travelling with your pet in order to avoid heating up during summer. Another important factor to remember while travelling long distances with your pet dog is to stop frequently or water breaks. A collapsible water dishes can come in handy to offer your pet water to drink while outdoors. At the end of the day, it is the duty of the pet dog owner to take the necessary precautions to make sure that their canines are well looked after and remain cool during the summer season.